Monday, September 29, 2014

The 2014 Club 100/30 was very small. Only seven players.

To be a member of this very select club, you truly have to be an outstanding baseball player. Babe Ruth did it twelve times. The Dope Heads of the 1980's did it by using performance enhancement substances, so they do not qualify for membership, at least in MY book.

By order of entrance into the 2014 Club.

Name, Team, RBI's, HR's

Stanton Giancarlo, MIA, 105, 37
Cruz Nelson, BAL, 108, 40
Trout Mike, LAA, 111, 36
Abreu Jose, CHW, 107, 36
Ortiz David, BOS, 104, 35
Bautista Jose, TOR, 103, 35
Martinez Victor, DET, 103, 32

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