Monday, September 29, 2014

The Bombing of Syria and unending [perpetual] US war

By Bill Van Auken, World Socialist Web Site, 24 September 2014

Once again, the US military machine has fired cruise missiles and dropped bombs upon a defenseless country in the Middle East--this time Syria. As with "shock and awe" against Iraq in 2003 and the "humanitarian" war for regime-change in Libya in 2011, Washington is hurling the American people into a war of aggression based upon lies. [JG: bold and underline are mine.]

What perhaps distinguishes this latest eruption of American militarism most strikingly is the absolutely perfunctory manner in which the president of the United States announced that Washington had attacked yet another country.

Barack Obama spoke for barely three minutes Tuesday before he boarded a helicopter on the White House lawn. His cursory remarks, beginning with praise for "the finest military that the world has ever known," made it clear that the American ruling class no longer feels obliged to even explain, much less defend, its military interventions. The public is simply expected to accept them as a permanent fact of life.

As for Congress, it scurried out of town for a five-week pre-election recess, getting well away before the bombs started falling. It has effectively renounced its constitutional power [JG: bold and underline are mine.] regarding the waging of war while working to prevent this most vital question from becoming an issue at the ballot box.

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