Thursday, October 02, 2014

Argentina's President: "The USA could kill me"

Buenos Aires (AFP) - Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner charged in an emotional address that domestic and US interests were pushing to topple her government, and could even kill her.

Domestic business interests "are trying to bring down the government, with international (US) help," she said.

Kirchner said that on her recent visit to Pope Francis -- a fellow Argentine whose help she has sought in Argentina's ongoing debt default row -- police warned her about supposed plots against her by Islamic State activists.

"So, if something happens to me, don't look to the Mideast, look north" to the United States, Kirchner said at Government House.

JG: El Negrito in the White House is too dumb. He has tried to overthrow or kill President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela AND FAILED. Cristina should continue defending the Argentinian nation against the Jew vultures of New York, who are being helped constantly by a corrupt federal judge who kisses their asses 24/7.

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