Friday, October 03, 2014

Bad news or good news for Cuban baseball?

Raidel Orta, Rookie with the Industriales, 54th Series. 
Photo: Ricardo López Hevia

Sigfredo Barros has always been one of my favorite baseball writers at Cuba's daily Granma. He always concentrates on important facts and not on idle speculation or conjectures.

His column yesterday was a very good one. It is titled 130 novatos ¿conveniente o no?

He tells us that in the current 54th National Baseball Series of Cuba there are 130 rookies and 102 added ones that have less than two years of baseball experience. In the 52nd and 53rd Series there were only 93 and 72 rookies. He also tells us that in this year's MLB season there are only 70 rookies.

From rookies will emerge the future stars, but if those stars do not stay in the island and decide to chase dollars in the USA, the caliber of  Cuba's baseball will go downhill.

The capitalists in the USA like to call the Cuban baseball emigrants "defectors" which is a word that is full of hate toward anyone that is not a 100% capitalist.

Among those "defectors" there are maybe half a dozen that can be considered true baseball stars. Jose Dariel Abreu (JDA) is the best example. What those "defectors" do not see is that in the USA the  capitalists will use you for a while, if you put up the numbers that Pito (JDA's nickname) has put this year.

Once the numbers of  a baseball star go down, they are traded or sold, because he is not bringing people ($$$$$) into the baseball park. This happens all the time. The only thing Americans love is money, which is the main reason they do not have many friends around the world.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: "The good Cuban baseball stars stay and play in Cuba, and do not choose to become dollar chasers." Why? They love their country more.

There is more to life than dollar signs.

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