Thursday, October 02, 2014


U.S. Federal Court Judge
Thomas Griesa
"Hunchback of JewYork"
Super Asshole of the Month
October 2104

I am adding U.S. Federal Judge Thomas Griesa to my Super Assholes of the World Index.


Read on!

US federal judge Thomas Griesa, who has ordered the country [Argentina] to first repay two hedge funds demanding the full $1.3 billion face value of their bonds.

Griesa ruled Monday that Argentina was in contempt of court after it passed a law allowing the government to repay creditors in Buenos Aires or Paris -- skirting the New York judge's freeze on the bank accounts it previously used to service its debt.


His qualification is that he is a true LUNATIC if he thinks that his "order" is going to be accepted and/or carried out by the Argentinian government.

I suggest that he retire to a plush super-extra-deluxe nursing home. And to take extra calcium pills for his extra-curvature.

I wonder if I can be declared in contempt of court for insulting him?

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