Friday, October 24, 2014

Dilma Rousseff widens her lead

Dilma Rousseff

(Reuters) - President Dilma Rousseau has a clear lead over opposition candidate Aecio Neves and would win Sunday's presidential election runoff by six to eight percentage points, two opinion polls showed on Thursday.

JG: The capitalists in the USA must be having cagaleras. Imagine what would happen in Yankeeland if we had a Workers Party like Brazil!

Here is the capitalist New York Times, wishful thinking, today, Friday, 4:10 p.m. Eastern Time:

"it’s Aécio Neves in a landslide."

"Perhaps nothing has more endeared Mr. Neves to investors than his announcement on Oct. 5, right after qualifying for this weekend’s presidential runoff, that he would name Arminio Fraga his finance minister. Mr. Fraga is an unabashed champion of market capitalism and pro-growth government policies."

Keep on HOPING "journalist" NYT guys!

But here is what Forbes Magazine is saying at 4:30

"The market is now forecasting that incumbent Dilma Rousseff will be re-elected president in a squeaker on Sunday."

Forbes probably has a couple of Socialists in their news room.


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