Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Today, the United Nation's General Assembly condemned the USA embargo against Cuba with a vote of 188-2

The two evil emperors, George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama, have no clothes, and their minions lay naked before the responsible and civilized world!

Both emperors will be held accountable in the World Court of Public Opinion, and in due time, both will be tried and held responsible for their crimes against humanity in Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. YOU BOTH WILL BE PUNISHED FOR YOUR DEEDS!

October 28, 2014.

This afternoon, the most important and sovereign body of the United Nations, the General Assembly, in an unprecedented 23rd consecutive year, condemned and repudiated the hate-filled policies of the USA imperialists of North America. The emperors have no veto over the righteousness of the people's of the world.

The august U.N. General Assembly approved, resoundingly and with near unanimity, the resolution presented by the Republic of Cuba, which was titled “the necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.”

The vote was 188-2 against the USA. Only the water-carriers of the imperialists, the Zionist Jews of Israel, supported their evil masters.

How long will the arrogance of the two emperors continue? They may carry on their insane exercise in futility, but the Cuban people will never kneel before them. The imperialists no longer rule Cuba with their appointed puppets.
You both will be held accountable, George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama!

The people united are NEVER defeated.

 October 28, 2014
United Nations
General Assembly
Three abstentions

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