Sunday, October 05, 2014

Very strong showing by the Workers Party in Brazil's presidential election

Partido dos Trabalhadores

Dilma Roussef, of the Workers Party: 41.5 %.

The candidate who was promoted by capitalist businessmen in Brazil, Aecio Neves: 33.7%.

Marina Silva, an environmentalist: 21.3%.

All that Dilma Rouseff has to do in the runoff, October 26, is pickup 9.5% of those who voted for the third candidate.

The reporting by the New York Times was extremely negative against Ms. Roussef. The capitalists of the NYT can never hide their hatred for Socialist candidates.

Monday morning update from Reuters:

"Brazil's main stock index soared as much as 8 percent early on Monday, and the real currency gained as much as 3 percent as investors were cheered by the strong showing from the candidate they preferred all along."


RichardKanePA said...

I wish you would have as much coverage of the wonderful work Cuban Doctors are doing Africa, the most medical personal sent by any country in the world

Cuba Baseball said...

CJ is not an employee of the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Cuba.

Cuban communists were very good revolutionaries in the 1950's, but extremely poor administrators after January 1st, 1959.