Friday, November 21, 2014

9:00 p.m. tonight: Cuba vs Nicaragua will play for the gold medal at the Central-American and Caribbean Games

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Freddy Asiel Alvarez will start for Cuba. The  island has to be the favorites to win this game, but anything can happen in baseball.

Remember Yogi Berra's saying? "It ain't over till its over."

I will post comments here if anything important happens.

El juego ha comenzado / The game has started.

Freddy has struck out two. / Freddy ha ponchado a dos.

Alexei Bell connects hit for Cuba / Alexei Bell conecta un hit por Cuba.

Bell steals second base. / Bell se roba la segunda base.

Base on balls / Base por bolas.

Cuba has men on first and third. / Cuba tiene hombres en primera y tercera.

No runs scored. / Cuba no anota.

Frederich Cepeda doubles. / Um doble del camarada Frederico Cepeda. MUY BUENO!

Yadiel Hernandez hit. Cepeda scores. / Yadiel Hernandez hit. Cepeda anota.

Nicaragua 0, Cuba 1.

Base on balls. Runners on first and second. / Base por bolas. Hombres de Cuba en primera y segundo.

Three innings have ended. / Tres innings han terminado.

Nicaragua doubles. / Un doble de Nicaragua.

Rolling out. Nicaragua runner  advances to third. / El corredor avanza a tercera.

Spectacular catch by Yulieski Gourriel. / Un out espectacular de Yulieki. Salta y captura la pelota.

Freddy strikes out the last Nicaragua batter. / Freddy poncha al ultimo bateador de Nicaragua.

Cuba has teo men on base. / Cuba tiene a dos hombres en base.

Double steal by Cuba. / Doble robo de bases por Cuba.

CUBA LLENA LAS BASES. / Cuba has the bases loaded.

Despaigne hit. RBI. / Un sencillo de Despaigne. One RBI.

Luis Yander La O TRIPLES.

Yulieski Gouriel HIT. RBI. One more run for Cuba.

Cuba is threatening again. Men on second and third. Nothing happens.

11:25 pm: I am taking a break. I will return soon.

11:48 pm: I am back. Cuba will win the game.

Cuba has the bases loaded again. and no one scores.

Cuba needs now three more outs for the GOLD MEDAL.

Out #1.

Cuba has 14 hits.

Out #2.

Out # 3.

Cuba wins the gold medal!

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