Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Magnus is playing with Whites and Vichy has the Blacks.

Positionally, they are about equal, in my opinion.

Only four minutes separate the players, in favor of Anand.

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Chess Game Analysis
Using ChessBase Engines
(Part One)

by Steve Lopez



Chess Engine Analysis Reports:

7:51 a.m. Draw 66%, Anand 19%, Carlsen 15%

9:19 a.m. Draw 66%, Anand 16%, Carlsen 18%  (Anand has time advantage)

9:29 a.m. Draw 63%, Anand 13%, Carlsen 22% (Anand has 15 minutes advantage)

10:35 a.m. Draw 66%, Anand 20%, Carlsen 14%.

11:04 a.m. Both players have completed 40 moves, and they have moved into the second time group of minutes. Computer analysis says: 0.39 equal, which means a possible draw.

The game ended as a draw. The match continues tied at two points for each player.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Next game is on Friday.

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