Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Is President Barack Obama contemplating unilateral [friendly?] action on Cuba? IT IS ABOUT TIME MR. PRESIDENT!

to go to the Christian Science Monitor article.

JG: SKIP THE VIDEO. All it does is to promote the sale of a book.

The only "news" is that "Obama is slated to take part in the Summit of the Americas in Panama [in 2015], which is expected to be the first such hemispheric gathering to include Cuba."

Barack Obama continues with the failed policies of the past with regards to Cuba. I am very SKEPTICAL that he will offer anything "new". His administration continuation of the failed Cuba embargo has been thoroughly repudiated by 188 civilized countries at the United Nations. 

I do not have a very high regard for the articles of the Christian Science Monitor. All they do very well is to engage in a lot of speculation.

Stay tuned!

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