Thursday, December 04, 2014

Cuba’s extraordinary global medical record shames the US blockade

Illustration: Eva Bee

By Seumas Milne - The Guardian

From Ebola to earthquakes, Havana’s doctors have saved millions. Obama must lift this embargo.

Four months into the internationally declared Ebola emergency that has devastated west Africa, Cuba leads the world in direct medical support to fight the epidemic. The US and Britain have sent thousands of troops and, along with other countries, promised aid – most of which has yet to materialise. But, as the World Health Organisation has insisted, what’s most urgently needed are health workers. The Caribbean island, with a population of just 11m and official per capita income of $6,000 (£3,824), answered that call before it was made. It was first on the Ebola frontline and has sent the largest contingent of doctors and nurses – 256 are already in the field, with another 200 volunteers on their way.

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RichardKanePA said...

One thing is strange Cuba preaches and spreads the idea of equal access health care. So far it has been those closely associated with privileged countries that have almost 100% survival rate. However the one Cuban doctor with Ebola got the best yet care. Switzerland exc. must be saying Thank you Cuba for all you done.

But it would be better to show appreciation by resolving to fight harder the Cold War relic, the Embargo of Cuba, rather that giving someone who walked off the plane instead of being carried on a stretcher, and never out of email and phone conversation with his wife, better care than anyone else. See, "Cuban doctor Felix Baez Sarria's fantastic success story, with an ironic twist"