Saturday, December 06, 2014

U.K.'s The Economist, continues living in 'Fantasy Island'

"First, support for the embargo across America is crumbling. A nationwide poll taken earlier this year for the Atlantic Council, a think-tank, found that 56% of respondents favoured improving relations, while more than 60% of Latinos and residents of Florida did. Second, Cuba is itself starting to change. Under reforms launched by Raúl Castro, 1.1m Cubans, more than a fifth of the labour force, work in a budding private sector of farms, co-operatives and small businesses. Access to mobile phones and the internet has grown. Opposition bloggers such as Yoani Sánchez, though often harassed, have not been silenced." (The Economist, Dec. 6th, 2014)

JG: That London publication does not know what they are talking about when it comes to politics inside Cuba. Yoani Fraude is a left zero inside Cuba. The Cuban people do not listen to her or her spiels, which are written daily in Langley, Virginia.

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