Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fidel Castro: "I don't trust the politics of the U.S. but..."

FORMER Cuba President Fidel Castro has broken his silence over the December 17 declaration that Cuba and the United States would move to restore full diplomatic relations, writing that although he does not trust Washington’s politics, differences between the nations should be resolved through cooperation.
Castro made the comments in a statement sent to a student federation and read at the University of Havana in a broadcast for state TV.

Castro wrote: “I don’t trust the politics of the United States, nor have I exchanged a word with them, but this does not mean I reject a pacific solution to the conflicts.”

He said he will always defend cooperation and friendship among the world’s peoples, including Cuba’s adversaries.

(The Australian)

JG: I beg to disagree with Fidel. Barack Obama is not a person worthy of trust (repudiated by the American people in 2010, 2012, 2014), and neither is John Kerry or any of his water-carriers. But hope is the last thing a person looses. 

The USA is a country in decline. Don't sell Cuba short, is my message to the Cuban leaders. The only thing that the U.S. cares about is money. So called "democracy" is a joke in the USA and the only human right that they care about are those that benefit capitalist millionaires, billionaires and extremely large corporations.

I urge Fidel and Raul not to become the Mikhail Gorbachev of Cuba. Don't sell Cuba for a bowl of soup. Trust your instincts, Fidel! Don't trust the Yankees. You will collect only disappointments.

Pacific solutions, YES. Impositions and dictates, NO!  


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