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John Reed: Ten Days that Shook the World

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov 'Lenin'

(The first date is according to old-style Russian calendar. The second date is according to the new style)

22-6 February, 7-11 March
Strikes and demonstrations in Petrograd.

27 February, 12 March
Tsarist regime overthrown in Petrograd; Committee of State Duma formed; Petrograd Soviet of Worker's Deputies formed.

1 March, 14 March
Petrograd Soviet issues Order No. 1. First Provisional Government under Prince Lvov. Nicholas II abdicates in favor of his brother Michael.

3 March, 16 March
Michael abdicates.

14 March, 27 March
Petrograd Soviet issues a manifesto calling on all peoples to end the war.

3 April, 16 April
Lenin arrives in Petrograd

7 April, 20 April
Lenin publishes 'April Theses'.

18 April, 1 May
Milyukov, Foreign Minister of the Provisional Government, sends a Note reaffirming Russia's loyalty to her allies and her pledge not to make a separate peace.

20-2 April, 3-5 May
Demonstrations in protest against Milyukov's Note.

27 April, 10 May
Prince Lvov invites representatives of the Petrograd Soviet to join the Provisional Government.

2 May, 15 May
Official announcement that Milyukov and Guchkov, Minister of War, have resigned.

4 May, 17 May
Trotsky arrives in Russia.

5 May, 18 May
Coalition Provisional Government formed under Prince Lvov; some Mensheviks and Socialist Revolutionaries take office; Kerensky Minister of War.

3-24 June, 16 June-7 July
First Congress of Soviets.

18 June, 1 July
War offensive, ordered by Kerensky, opens. Demonstrations in Petrograd; Bolshevik slogans predominate.

2 July, 15 July
Constitutional Democrats (Cadets) leave Coalition Provisional Government.

3-5 July, 16-18 July
Demonstrations in Petrograd, endorsed on 4 July (17 July in new-style calendar) by Bolshevik Central Committee; suppressed by 5 July (18 July) with the aid of troops. Measures taken against Bolsheviks: Lenin, Zinoviev, and others go into hiding.

8 July, 21 July
Kerensky Prime Minister.

19 July, 1 August
Kerensky appoints General Kornilov Commander-in-Chief.

24 July, 6 August
Second Coalition Provisional Government under Kerensky; includes Constitutional Democrats (Cadets). Trotsky and Lunacharsky arrested.

[CJ Editor's Note: Kerensky and the Cadets were reactionary and right-wing.
e.i. Kerensky = Obama]

26 July-3 August, 8-16 August
Sixth Congress of Bolshevik Party. Trotsky's group joins the Bolshevik Party.

12-14 August, 25-7 August
Provisional Government convenes State Conference in Moscow.

25 August, 7 September
General Kornilov starts to move troops to Petrograd.

28 August, 10 September
Kornilov's movement collapses.

31 August, 13 September
Petrograd Soviet passes Bolshevik resolution.

1 September, 14 September Kerensky organizes Directory as temporary substitute for cabinet. 4 September, 17 September Kerensky orders dissolution of committees set up to combat Kornilov. Trotsky released

6 September, 19 September
Moscow Soviet for the first time shows Bolshevik majority on a vote.

23 September, 6 October
Petrograd Soviet elects Trotsky chairman.

25 September, 8 October
New Coalition Provisional Government

7 October, 20 October
Pre-Parliament meets.

10 October, 23 October
Bolshevik Central Committee, with Lenin attending, decides to organize armed insurrection. Kameniev and Zinoviev voted against.

12 October, 25 October
Petrograd Soviet establishes Military Revolutionary Committee.

24 October, 6 November
Bolsheviks complete preparations for insurrection. Provisional Government mobilizes, closes down Bolshevik Press. Lenin arrives at Smolny Institute.

25 October, 7 November
Second Congress of Soviets opens, with Bolshevik majority. Kerensky leaves Petrograd to organize resistance. Provisional Government overthrown in Petrograd.

26 October, 8 November
Soviet Government organized Decrees on Peace and Land.


First ever government run by workers and peasants. Capitalism is destroyed in Russia in 1917. One day this will happen throughout the whole world. The military and religion will not be able to save capitalism, which has within itself the seeds for its own destruction. A New Day will dawn.


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Notes and Explanations, prepared by John Reed.

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