Friday, January 16, 2015

Some Interesting Items from Harper's Index of February 2015

Portion of the hundred best-paid U.S. CEO's who earn more annually
than their companies pay in federal taxes: 1/3
[JG: Capitalist CEO's in the USA = Biggest Crooks on Earth]

Number of homeless people in Tokyo for every 10,000 residents: 1
In New York City: 67
[JG: NYC is Hell on Earth! Why? Because it is governed by Democrats!]

Number of people killed by gang and drug violence in Utah since 2010: 39
By Utah Police: 46
[JG: Police Departments in the USA do not protect people, they kill them!]

Estimated number of U.S. Citizens targeted for surveillance
by the U.S. Postal Service in the past year: 49,000.
[JG: Big Brother Barack Obama is watching you!]

Percentage of Americans who do not feel secure
sharing private information over social media: 81%
JG: Me trust Jew Mark Zuckerberg? NO WAY JOSE!

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