Friday, January 23, 2015

The chant heard yesterday in Athens, Greece: “Syriza, Podemos, venceremos,”

For Europe, the almost certain victory of the leftwing party Syriza in Sunday’s Greek election will be a historic moment: the first real democratic challenge to the politics of austerity, a test case for Europe’s future. There are occasions when it feels like that here too. At Alexis Tsipras’s final election rally in Athens on Thursday night, under floodlights so bright you almost needed shades, the crowd roared ecstatically when the Spanish Podemos leader, Pablo Iglesias, bounded on to the stage and said, in perfect Greek: “A wind of democratic change is blowing in Europe, and in Greece its name is Syriza.” “Syriza, Podemos, venceremos,” we chanted back at him; a man beside me waved the red, yellow and purple flag of the Spanish republic. (The Guardian)

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