Friday, January 23, 2015

The honeymoon lasted barely a few days! Cuba says No! No! to Barack Obama, as his diplomat in Havana engages in an unfriendly anti-Cuba provocation.

The Cuban people know very well that the so-called dissidents inside Cuba are paid agents of the Yankee imperialists.

People like Coco Farinas and Yoani Fraude are mercenaries who work for the U.S. government.

Reuters reported that "a senior U.S. diplomat in Cuba for negotiations on restoring long-frozen diplomatic relations met a group of dissidents on Friday, irritating the island's government."

Roberta Jacobson is a very stupid woman. What a f***ing idiot!

According to Reuters "the Cuban goverment has stressed that efforts to normalize ties should not be accompanied by what it sees as meddling in the internal affairs of the Cuban people."

There are deep disagreements between Cuba and the United States, MSNBC reported.

If Barack Obama believes that Raul Castro is going to sell the island for a few million stinking U.S. dollars, then one has to say that El Negrito in the White House is also a a f***ing idiot.




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