Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cuba awards its highest medals to five Cuban Heroes who infiltrated terrorist organizations in Miami

The retards in the capitalist press in the USA and England continues calling them spies.


(Reuters) - Cuba President Raul Castro on Tuesday pinned medals on five Cuban Heroes [which the capitalist retarded press calls spies], declaring them national heroes for infiltrating right-wing exile groups that plotted against Havana and for then enduring long prison terms in the United States.

All five received a standing ovation from Cuba's top political leaders, military officers and hundreds of dignitaries gathered in parliament. 

Besides being named Heroes of the Republic, the Cuban government's highest honor, they also received the Order of Playa Giron, the Cuban name for the Bay of Pigs [mercenary] invasion, in which Cuba defeated a U.S.-organized exile force in 1961. The fiasco was financed and directed by the scummy U.S. CIA.

Cuba's President Raul Castro (front) stands next to Rene Gonzalez of the
'Cuban Five' during a ceremony in Havana,
February 24, 2015.
Credit: Reuters/Enrique De La Osa

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