Monday, February 16, 2015

German imperialism intransigence derails a financial agreement with Greece

German Bitch Witch
Angela Merkel

JG: The German imperialists of Barbara Merkel are the biggest SCUM OF OUR PLANET.

Last-ditch Brussels negotiations on extending Grece’s bailout programme before it expires in February end without agreement, reports The Guardian.

Like the mythical character of William Shakespeare's in The Merchant of Venice, the kraut's greed never ends as they they want a pound of heart flesh to satisfy the debts of the Balkan nation. 

Twice Germany has enveloped the world in two bloody and brutal World Wars in the XX Century.

The world must put an end to the NEW NAZIS of the XXI Century.

If it was up to me, I would drop a 20 megaton lethal nuclear aerial artifact on Berlin.

New York Times: Meeting Over Greek Debt Ends in Acrimony  (20 minutes ago)

German Finance Minister
Wolfgang 'Colonel Klink' Schaeuble

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