Monday, February 23, 2015

Has anyone noticed what happens when you use news 'aggregators'?

I am talking about such news aggregators as Google News and Yahoo News. There also may be others outfits.

Both Google and Yahoo rarely, if ever, give you objective news.

1) First, they will try to steer you to "news" that have links to their favorite advertisers. Every time you click on one of those links, Google and Yahoo make a very fast buck, without really having to do any significant labor. I call this method the "lazy man's" way to fast buck money. Capitalists do not like to work very hard. Only the working class works very hard, and they are the only ones who create wealth. Capitalists are huge parasites. 

2) If Google or Yahoo can not do what I just described in #1, they will try to steer you to "news" that are highly subjective, and they will try to editorialize and spin the "news" for you.  When you are done reading, either Google or Yahoo have just brainwashed you. Politicians also always LOVE the method I just described in #2.

3) Churches also love #2. They will try to convince you that only them know what "God" wants you to do. They are also huge parasites, since they do not pay taxes. Have you ever seen a priest or a minister pumping his own gas?

4) When you, or anyone else that is intelligent and educated, wants to read objective news, all you need is 'what,' 'when,' and 'where.' You do not need to read five to six pages of spinned news. It can be done in about three paragraphs, if Google or Yahoo were not trying to 'manipulate' the news.

5) Last but not least. If you go to a website that is called ASK, all that you are going to get is 100% SHIT.

6) I am done now. I feel better already.  

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