Monday, February 02, 2015

New Greek government set to increase the minimum wage for the working class

On Sunday, Labor Minister Panos Skourletis said the government would restore collective bargaining and raise the minimum wage - cut to 586 euros ($660) from 751 euros a month under the 2012 bailout agreement.

The new government of Alexis Tsipras has halted a series of privatizations it says amount to a disposal of strategic national assets at fire-sale prices and has announced plans to reinstate thousands of public sector workers laid off by the last government.


JG: the conservative right-wing government of Antonis Samaras has practically destroyed Greece, while kissing the ass of the EU Troika on a 24/7 basis.

The response of the Greeks was to put Syriza in power. They captured 49.7% of the Greek parliament seats.

We need a Syriza in the USA to put a stop of the destruction that Republicans and Democrats have brought to a once prosperous country.    


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