Tuesday, February 03, 2015

United Steel Workers (USW) strike against Big Oil is growing across the United States


3 February 2015 - Two hours ago.

The USW has said further walkouts may be ordered at some of the other 63 refineries and chemical plants it represents if progress is not made.

The union is seeking annual pay increases of 6 percent, double the size of those in the last agreement. It also wants work that has been given in the past to non-union contractors to start going to USW members, a tighter policy to prevent workplace fatigue and reductions in members' out-of-pocket payments for healthcare.

The strikes were the first ordered in 35 years in support of a nationwide pact that would cover 30,000 workers.

(Yahoo News)

Union workers walked out of the plants in the biggest strike since 1980. 


JG: The never-ending greed of American capitalism continues unabated. More profits for big capitalist corporations. They can never have enough.  The capitalists are now getting what they deserve. The masses are on the move! In Greece, in Spain, and now the USA.

Lets all of us go out and buy 10 nails each to put in the coffin cover of American capitalism.

The working class says: "We will bury you!"

The union has rejected five offers made by Shell on behalf of oil companies, including Exxon, Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp. (Bloomberg) 

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