Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It is NOT about religion, stupid!

There is a lot of controversy and hullabaloo about the new law passed in Indiana.

In my opinion, this law is not about religion, it is about PERSONAL FREEDOM!

I, as a person, have a right to choose what type of persons I associate with.

I am an agnostic. I lack any religious beliefs at all. In my book, organized religion is for FOOLS!

I choose not to associate with alcoholics, drug users, or criminals. If I choose NOT to associate with homosexuals or lesbians, it is my personal sets of beliefs that are being questioned or endangered.

If political party X, or Y, or Z chooses to promote certain types of lifestyles, that is their own business or prerogatives.

DO NOT FORCE YOUR SET OF BELIEFS ON THE REST OF SOCIETY. Gentle persuasion should be the norm.

I find the homosexual lifestyle to be unnatural and abnormal.  I do not associate with them. I do not persecute them.

My beliefs have nothing to do with religion.

I choose what type of beliefs I have. And I do not let other people and/or organizations try to manipulate me.



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