Monday, March 09, 2015

Manufactured "news" about Cuba from the capitalist-controlled press in the USA

Lets look very closely at one of those things.

The headline is as follow:
Cuba looks north to U.S. farmers for help with food crisis (AP)
March 9, no author byline.

My comment:
There is no food crisis in Cuba. This is one more example of how the capitalist-controlled press in the USA tries to manufacture "news" about Cuba.

Paragraph #1:
GUIRA DE MELENA, Cuba — The rust-red fields stretched for miles in the Cuban sun, garlic shoots and beetroot leaves waving gently in the spring breeze.

My comment:
You are not writing a novel guys! You were supposed to tell us about a "crisis."

Paragraph #2:
Pink piglets nosed for scraps under the admiring gaze of former President Ronald Reagan's first secretary of agriculture and about a dozen other U.S. farmers and trade officials who may represent Cuba's best hope for ending the half-century-old trade embargo it blames for most of its economic troubles.

My comment:
More invented fantasy!

Paragraph #3:
On Wednesday, their delegation of about 90 representatives of U.S. agriculture will wrap up three days of meetings with Cuban officials and farmers as part of a lobbying campaign for the elimination of the embargo.

My comment:
They have not told us about any "crisis." Now the AP gets to the gist of their garbage: "Those evil communist officials are trying to lobby the US government to end the embargo."

JG: I hardly ever read anything that the AP writes nowadays about Cuba.


JG: Cuba's President of the Council of  State, Raul Castro, would have to be a total fool to reestablish normal diplomatic relation with the Yankee imperialists as long as the blockade/embargo continues in the law books of the USA. The same thing goes for their manufactured fairy tale about Cuba being a "terrorist" state.

Israel and the USA are the two biggest terrorist states in our planet! 

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