Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cuba Welcomes Removal From US Terrorism Sponsor List

VOA News
Last updated on: April 15, 2015 9:37 AM

Cuba is praising President Barack Obama's decision to remove the Caribbean island nation from Washington's list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Josefina Vidal, Havana's chief diplomat for U.S. affairs, issued a statement Tuesday welcoming Obama's "fair decision to take Cuba off a list that it never should have been included on."
Obama informed Congress of his decision earlier in the day,  after a State Department review concluded that Cuba "has not provided any support for international terrorism" in the last six months and given the U.S. assurances that it does not intend to in the future. 
Congress has 45 days to overrule the president's decision through a joint resolution, but lawmakers cannot stop it unless both chambers approve a joint resolution, a move that is highly unlikely.

(Voice of America News)

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