Friday, April 17, 2015

Handicapping the horses in New Hampshire: Rubio Suit with low numbers, Walker Boring might be a surprise winner.

New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary

Polling Data

RCP Average3/18 - 4/13--20.315. +5.3
PPP (D)4/9 - 4/13358 RV2410121488774----Walker +10
NH1/Reach (R)4/8 - 4/91064 LV2317159676722--Walker +6
Boston Herald/FPU3/22 - 3/25429 LV151513910474202Tie
Gravis Marketing3/18 - 3/19683 RV19181061074

Walker horse is getting big money bets from capitalist Koch Brothers.

Doughnut Christie is fading.

Come from behind: OMG! Bush-the-Third!

Harry Reid Handicapping Co says they are all losers.

And in Race #2, the strong filly, Queen Hillary, has 59-1 odds of winning it all.
BJ Monica has been put down.

Source: RCP

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