Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The shitty Cuba "reporting" by the U.S. Wall Street Journal


I am not very surprised about this state of affairs.

USA capitalists hate Cuba with a passion. Why?

1) Because USA capitalism has become a very dogmatic religion. When you become a religious or political fanatic, you loose total control of your senses and your mind.

2) They can never forgive Cuba for their socialist Revolution, right under the noses of Uncle Sam.

I will show you shitty reporting by WSJ, the premier mouthpiece of American capitalism.

The name of the article was "Coding for a more open Cuba."

Does this qualify as important news?


It should have been labeled 'opinion' at the beginning of the piece.

Sub Heading:

Nonprofit group’s ‘hackathon’ invites U.S. programmers to create apps for the isolated island

More shitty opinion.

More efforts at destabilizing Cuba?

Paragraph 1:

"Internet access in Cuba is among the world’s most restricted and expensive, but a rapprochement with Washington is boosting hopes for connectivity improvements and the development of some cool apps."

More capitalist propaganda!

Paragraph 2:

"That’s what technology experts will be aiming for when they convene at Facebook's Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters later this month to focus on solutions for the Communist island nation."

More capitalist propaganda. More wishful thinking that Facebook will bring back corrupt capitalism to the blockaded Caribbean island-nation.

At this point I stopped reading the shitty article and decided to go and have a strawberry shortcake at DQ.

BTW, there is nothing wrong with printing opinion, as long as you label it as such.

WSJ writers think that everyone, except themselves, is stupid.

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