Sunday, May 24, 2015

Big parties set to lose in Spain's local elections

The polls are likely to herald the end of the dominant two-party system, as small grassroots movements such as the radical Left-wing Podemos benefit from public frustration at corruption and the economic crisis

Voters across Spain will cast their ballots on Sunday in local and regional elections seen as a public verdict on political corruption and handling of the country's beleaguered economy, with new grassroots movements expected to make big gains at the expense of the traditional parties of power.
At stake are seats in more than 8,100 town halls and parliament seats in 13 of Spain's 17 regions, and opinion polls suggest that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's Popular Party (PP ) will lose its current majorities in most of the 10 regions it controls. The beneficiaries are likely to be the new radical Left party Podemos and another new force in Spanish politics, the business-friendly Ciudadanos (Citizens), which have taken advantage of public frustrations with the status quo to transform the country's political landscape.

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