Saturday, May 02, 2015

Florida Republican agricultural growers are VERY AFRAID of agricultural crops competition from Cuba

We all now that Florida Republicans hate Cuba with fanatical passion. Now, those folks are claiming that Cuban agricultural "pests" will invade the state if the Cuba embargo is lifted by the U.S. Congress.

They have published a  lengthy article in The Ledger today making that claim.

What would you expect from people like Florida Republican governor Rick Scott and Florida Republican Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam?

Cuban agricultural crops coming to Florida would threaten the very lucrative monopoly that they enjoy now.

Adam Putnam wrote a letter on April  22 to the Florida congressional delegation opposing Obama's Cuban initiative. Howdy Doody just kissed goodbye my vote in a future election.

These two so-called Florida free-trade promoters are very afraid of a little competition coming from Cuba.

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