Monday, May 11, 2015

Is Cuba becoming an extremely expensive tourist trap?

Florida Trend Magazine, May 2015 issue.

It Won't Be Cheap

"Round trip tickets run $400 to $500. The Cuban government takes the equivalent of $148.00 per ticket as a landing fee and another $46 per passenger for mandatory health insurance while visiting the island. (The Cuban government separately charges a departure tax to leave.) The U.S. charges another $63 per ticket in its own charges. Much of the charters' profit is in luggage charges. Cuban-American travel laden with goods for their extended families. [JG; while telling the right wingers in the U.S. that they are 100% anti-Communist.] and can pay $2 per pound after a $20 checked bag and $3 per pound for boxes and irregular packages."


JG: I just finished a one week vacation in Valencia, Spain, I did not have to pay all of these exorbitant rip-off fees. Travel to Cuba is for suckers.

In addition to the "fees" listed by the magazine, The Cuba Interests Section In Washington D.C. charges $130.00 for a visa to Cubans who left the island in 1961. In addition they charge $40.00 for round-trip express mail.

Imagine! Having to pay for a visa to visit the country where you were born.

I call it an EXTORTION FEE!

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