Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Some questions that remain unanswered following the issuance of the latest untitled document by the U.S. Treasury Department regarding Cuba

1) Notice that the document does not have an official title? Why?

2) Why is CACR not defined or explained. Google it, and you will find that it stands for Cuban Assets Control Regulations. Do the Yankee imperialists have "assets" inside Cuba. Was Allan Gross an "asset"?

3) Notice that the URL (Universal Resource Locator) for Internet documents has the word "ferry" in it. Why does the body of the document either does not talk about or mention ferry or ferry's?

4) Last but not least. Does the arrogant U.S. Government still think that it "rules" Cuba? What fools! They will only "rule" Cuba if Raul Castro lets them. Is that what is happening now? Is Raul selling out Cuba to the the Yankees like Gorbachev did with the U.S.S.R.?

5) It is very obvious that this is a perfect example of how bureaucratic lawyers spend their time in the U. S. Treasury Department.

6) It is all about the money, stupid!

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