Friday, July 17, 2015

Cuban official: we have not seen any changes in the regime-change-policies of Barack Obama

"You have to appreciate the words of the president [Obama] ... but you have to see what happens in practice," Gustavo Machin, deputy director for U.S. affairs in the Cuban Foreign Ministry, told reporters.

"We haven't seen anything" suggesting practical change, he said.

Machin cited multimillion-dollar annual budgets for what are commonly called the Cuban democracy programs, which Cuba sees as hostile efforts to undermine its government and socialist political system.

The 2016 U.S. State Department budget request includes $20 million for such programs to aid victims of political repression, support civil society and promote free speech.

JG: I have said it many times and I will say it one more time: Barack Obama is a phony who is not worthy of trust. If Fidel or Raul are still infatuated with El Negrito, they are making a huge mistake.  

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