Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tomorrow, those MPs of SYRIZA who respect themselves should vote NO!


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The article:

Tomorrow, A. Tsipras and his team around him will bring to the House the miserable agreement signed with their "partners" them - trampling all the promises, all programs (congress, election, etc.) Syriza, all authorities and values ​​of the Left, the historic NO 5 th July, and democracy itself within the party and in society. However, they have the audacity all those who support the actions of Tsipras to say "we managed to avert the Grexit» and «above all the unity of the party" ! Among them the sad anymore "Red", which turns every hour that passes to mouthpiece of power (in the party and society). "Avert" the Grexit continuing policies of barbarism, the same as Samaras and GAP! They never ask the Greek people if they were willing to accept such a memorandum when he requested the vote and when the calling to say NO to the referendum?   Which section speak? Outside, in society, the relationship of leadership with the people who voted Syriza is broken beyond repair! The leading group around A. Tsipras is now foreign body and the left base of the party and the mass of voters who still live in shock and did not believe what they experience! No "unity" there can not be the apostates from the Left, workers and the working classes, with those who nail the back a people that has suffered enough. Those MPs of SYRIZA respect themselves and want to walk with head held high and not hidden, they are obliged to vote against the pack leadership team! Let's build the A. Tsipras in the camp of opponents. Let's go to the other side. Let's go with the ruling class openly and officially! He has already done informally and let represents the representative of the Left in words. With him the rest of the right wing: Dragasakis, Stathakis and Papadimoulis, et al. Let's erase the left (because it will do) if the latter give battle to the end and a minority! Members of the left wing Syriza should not give up their parliamentary seats if not majority in tomorrow's vote in the House . This currently violates and tramples the program and the party itself is the chairperson. If someone has to leave, that is. The cycle of SYRIZA as we knew it has shut down, as we wrote again ( http://www.xekinima.org/arthra/view/article/to-telos-toy-syriza-opos-ton-kserame/ ). The battle over who controls the party, objective, pierce the party from the bottom to the top. The truth is that the future does not belong to those who are subjugated, belongs to those who will resist. As if promotaroun A. Tsipras media, this is not something that will last. Those who win the test of time are those who will stand consistently on the side of workers and popular strata. This can make the left base (and leftist tendencies) inside SYRIZA if bold collide, turning his back to everyone who is ready to kneel and to submit the name of a unity without principles. If and when it does, then it is sure you can meet thousands of activists outside SYRIZA, who are ready to join the ranks of a new Left: Left of rupture, of struggle against the system and the Eurozone for the people's interests and socialism on the common struggle with the workers of Europe and the whole world.  

- See more at: http://www.xekinima.org/arthra/view/article/ayrio-osoi-boyleytes-toy-syriza-sebontai-ton-eayto-to/#sthash.HKMSuxth.dpuf

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