Friday, August 07, 2015

Cuba is sending the wrong signal or ...

7 August 2015

"Cuban tourism officials and U.S. boating aficionados and entrepreneurs are salivating about a possible return to the go-go days before Cuba's communist revolution, when thousands of well-heeled Americans a year sailed to Havana for long weekends of tropical leisure." (ABC News)

JG: Cuba and their officials want to go back to the days of Fulgencio Batista in the 1950's? Raul Castro must be smoking some very very potent mawi wawi!

Or is this just another example about the Yankee imperialists speculating and dreaming about the golden days of their favorite "democrat" in Havana?


Brrr said...

I think it's more likely the latter. The US assumes a lot when it comes to negotiating with Cuba. Full "normalization" beyond just talking about it is going to mean a lot of bending over by the US while Cuba mostly stays the course. Sure, there will be some true loosening of restrictions to try to improve the overall economy -- but based on my experiences on the island over the past 6 years, I can't imagine US ownership of property and/or direct employment (enslavement) of the Cuban people is even on the table.

Tourism itself is tricky. In some ways the detractors are right, there is something of a dual class mentality going on there. I do think the visitors to a Memories or a Melia in Cuba today is a different thing than the ones at the Riviera were in the 50's. Most of today's Cuban tourists are not wealthy people. They are people with very limited funds who are looking for an affordable reprieve from the harsh winter. Florida is prohibitively expensive for most of these people. That said, one cannot dismiss the economic value the tourists bring to Cuba. Billions of direct dollars for the socialist system, and billions more to the Cuban people who work in jobs that relate to tourism. It's even allowing the farming old collective model to get back on its feet by selling food to the hotels.

Cuba Journal said...

I may I agree with some of your premises, but, right now Raul Castro is too eager to please the Americanos. He comes across as an easy pushover.

There is no middle ground; Raul either chooses to defend Cuban national sovereignty or sells the island to the Yankee imperialists. I hope he chooses the first road, because I am beginning to have some big doubts about Raul Castro. There is no doubt about what Fidel would do in the current situation.

Inviting Obama to visit Cuba would be a huge mistake for the new Cuban regime. The U.S. still enforces the brutal Cuba embargo and continues to illegally occupy Cuban territory in Guantanamo.

And the Yankee imperialists still disburse millions of dollars to their mercenaries inside the island.