Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Donald Trump appeals to those Americans who lead empty lives

El Donald

Donald Trump is the George Wallace of the XXI Century. The similarities are astounding.

Many Americans lead empty lives. They have no true reason for living.  Since the ascent to the White House of Dubya and Obama, the USA has gone steadily downhill. Capitalist billionaires and millionaires are doing extremely well, while the "average" American has a hard time making ends meet every month.

Therefore, they turn to alcoholism, drugs, and in the political arena they turn to sensationalism and entertainment. Welcome to the Trump Circus.

Americans are extremely stupid if they think that a GOP billionaire will make their lives any better. If elected, El Donald would continue the failed policies of Dubbya and Obama.

Dare to be different! Don't follow the crowd: It is always wrong!

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