Monday, August 03, 2015

U.S. Representative Tom Emmer is blaming the wrong people for the failure of the Cuban embargo/blockade

Rep Tom Emmer was quoted today by the New York Times as saying the following:

“The embargo has benefited the Castro regime and hurt the Cuban people.”

He, of course, is 100% wrong. Fanatical capitalists always hate socialist leaning governments. The Cuban people support their government, even with all its defects, shortcomings, and/or mistakes.

The failure for the Cuba embargo belongs to the Yankee imperialist government of the USA.

Other that the genocidal Zionist Jews of Israel and the Cuban fascists in Mimi and New Jersey, the Cuba embargo does not have any support among the civilized community of nations of our planet. It has been been condemned for 22 consecutive years at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Maybe visiting martians to our planet will believe Mr. Emmer. 

A reminder for Mr. Emmer:

"A Pew Research Center poll released on July 21 showed that 72 percent of Americans support ending the embargo against Cuba, up from 66 percent in January." (NYT)

Mr Emmer is just another Johnny Come-Lately to opposing the Cuba embargo/blockade. It is the latest chic thing to do by capitalists in the USA. They will never admit their failures.

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