Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Bill Clinton and the bungling of the U.S. Cuba policy

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JG: Bill Clinton has always been a U.S. politician that has consistently been fanatically anti-communist and anti-Cuba. Neither him nor his wife are worthy of trust. Expect the worst from the pair.

The compinches of Basulto in planes #1 & #2 got what they deserved, death. This modern day Captain Spider, put his tail between his legs and hightailed it back to Opalocka Airport. They probably continued to send out letters to the Florida suckers asking for money to "liberate" Cuba, What fools!

After the shoot-down in February 26, 1996 they learned their lesson. The Cessna's air incursions over Havana never resumed. The Cuban government did what they had to do.

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