Monday, October 19, 2015

An irresponsible "news" report from from SunTan U in Miami, Florida

The University of Miami's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies on Tuesday issued what it called an unconfirmed report from an unspecified source that Cuban troops had been spotted in Syria "in support of Syria’s dictator Assad and Russian involvement in that country." (Newsweek)

JG: In April 1961, the Yankee imperialists, after its Miami mercenaries had landed at the Bay of  Pigs in Cuba, reported by means of Radio Swan (a CIA operated radio station in the Caribbean) that the Havana Hilton was in flames.

The above SunTan U report about Cuban Troops in Syria is probably another invention of the fantasy-land people who work for the government of the USA. The CIA fairies are at work again!

Of course, the gullible right-wingers at Babalu Blog gave it prominent display in the rag-sheet that they peddle.

Cuba Says It Didn't Send Soldiers to Syria to Bolster Assad

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