Thursday, October 22, 2015

The arrogance ot the Obama Administration regarding the Cuba Blockade/Embargo continues 24/7, unabated.

This is what the is reporting:

Obama administration to oppose the U.N. resolution which criticizes the Cuba Blockade/Embargo.

The Obama administration has concluded that it must oppose a UN resolution criticizing the US economic embargo against Cuba, an American official familiar with the process said on Wednesday, because the draft in its current form does not fully reflect the new spirit of engagement between the former cold war foes.


Now I get to jump in my soap box for my rant!

JG: the only thing that the Barack Obama administration excels at is constantly throwing temper tantrums regarding anything and everything.

He ignores the fact that his executive powers are constitutionally limited.

When is he going to realize that he is not the emperor or ruler of the universe?
Barack Obama forgets that for 22 years in a row the U.N. General Assembly has overwhelmingly repudiated the Blockade/Embargo of Cuba. Even all the NATO nations have abandoned both Dubbya and Obama. The USA is totally isolated on the Cuba issue. The rest of the civilized world is nearly unanimous. Only the Israeli Zionists vote with  their masters, the USA.

Cuba is a sovereign country and does not have to jump through the hoops demanded by this arrogant person who lives in the White House.

The vote will take place on October 27th at the General Assembly, where his majesty, Barack Obama, does not have veto powers.

If he does not like the resolution being presented by the Republic of Cuba, Barack Obama and his thugs can go and suck on an egg.

If the government of Raul Castro accedes to the "modifications" that the emperor demands, it can only be interpreted as a total abandonment of Cuba's national sovereignty.

The "new spirit of engagement" does not mean that Cuba has to kiss the ass of Barack Obama.

I hope that Raul Castro IS NOT that desperate.

And, of course, the U.S. Congress is as bad, or worse than Barack Obama, when it comes to the Cuba Blockade/Embargo. No wonder that only 13% of Americans say that the U.S. Congress is doing a good job.

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