Friday, October 23, 2015

The Very Sad Story of Decadent USA

First came the decline and fall of the Holy Roman Empire.

But Homo Stupidus does not learn from the mistakes of previous advanced civilizations. There have been many empires before the Roman empire. All eventually disintegrated from decay from within. The same thing is happening now within the USA.

It is hard to pinpoint when the decline and fall of the American empire began. For me it started on March 10, 1952 in Cuba. It was a few days before I would become 8 years old.

The fully developed American Empire to the north was in full bloom back then. It would then start a large number of wars throughout the planet to expand the imperialism of capitalism in the USA. Self serving politicians would proclaim: “We are going to bring democracy to the world.” But corrupt and greedy capitalism is not a synonym for democracy.

The Americans did not learn the lesson from what happened in Cuba after they installed a pliant puppet. The “democracy” that they imposed in the island collapsed totally on January 1, 1959.

My family and myself were cruel victims of a nefarious CIA operation called “Operation Peter Pan.”

I ended up in Camp Matecumbe in November 18, 1961, and later on, in beautiful Portland, Oregon in the spring of 1962.

Back then the USA was a very prosperous country. It had a manufacturing based economy. Prices in the economy were reasonable. Wages were better that in the banana republics of Central America.

Then, the capitalist elites who run the country came up with the very bright idea of offshoring the manufacturing jobs to cheap labor countries like China, Mexico and others.

That is when the decline and decadence in the USA started. Ghettos started to pop up all over in the USA. Criminal activities multiplied ten fold.

Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia.

Decay set-in in the United States of America.

The politicians in the USA (Democrats and Republicans) spend all their time now hurling verbal bombs at each other, (i. e. The Benghazi Committee is the most current chapter.) They are not able to govern the country anymore. Economic crisis pop-up regularly. The next one comes in November.

The politicians favorite past-time now is “Quitate tu, pa' ponerme yo.” (Move out of the way, I want the gravy now.)

The USA has gone from a country where you could purchase a house for $16,000.00 to one where you have to have at least $200,00.00 to acquire one. The so-called American Dream has been assassinated.

The capitalist billionaires and millionaires and the corrupt politicians of the two major political parties have prospered immensely. Income inequity has shot to the highest levels ever. A job at McDonald's flipping burgers does not make for a great nation anymore.

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