Saturday, October 17, 2015

US Governors Ask Congress to Lift the Embargo on Cuba

Republicans and Democrats alike say they want businesses in their state to have access to the Cuban market.

Nine governors across the United States have asked the U.S. Congress to lift the blockade against Cuba in order to facilitate increased trade between the two countries.

"It's time for the Congress to act and remove the sanctions that prevent the normal trade between our country and Cuba," the governors wrote in a letter dated October 9.

The message was addressed to the leadership of both the Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

The governors say they are driven by an interest in gaining access to the Cuban market for agricultural products produced in their states. “Ending the embargo will create jobs here at home, especially in rural America, and will create new opportunities for U.S. agriculture,” they wrote.

The letter also expressed support for U.S. President Barack Obama's policy toward Cuba, which has led to the restoration of diplomatic relations.


JG: The Babalusians at their blog are going to have cagaleras.

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