Thursday, November 19, 2015

A better title name

A better title name for the new 2015 Robert B. Reich book would have been “Horror Stories About U.S. Capitalism.”

American capitalism does not need to be “saved.” It needs to be replaced with something that better serves an average citizen. Current U.S. capitalism only serves very well the millionaires, billionaires and extremely large corporations. Average citizens come last.

At the end of Part I, Robert B. Reich states “What I have described is not the same as corruption.” I couldn't disagree more. Current American capitalism is the most corrupt economic and political system ever devised by man during modern times.

In a recent 2015 city (where I live) election a “record” turnout was recorded by the county Registrar of Elections. The record was that only 14% of eligible voters bothered to participate in the election. Americans no longer care about the capitalist system that has been imposed on them by big money interests. They vote with their feet by staying away in droves. Only 11% of U.S. citizens say that the U.S. Congress is doing a very good job of governing the nation.

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