Thursday, November 05, 2015

What Donald Trump did not tell the American people in the GOP presidential contenders debates

On the date Trump Plaza opened in Atlantic City in 1984, Donald Trump stood in a dark topcoat on the casino floor celebrating his new investment as the finest building in the city and possibly the nation. Thirty years later, the Trump Plaza folded, leaving some one thousand employees without jobs. Trump, meanwhile was on Twitter claiming he had “nothing to do with Atlantic City” and praising himself for his “great timing” in getting out of the investment. (Saving Capitalism, for the Many, not for the Few, Robert B. Reich)

JG: Trump has already screwed the American people once, and he will do it again if you install him in the White House. American capitalism is no longer serving the nation very well. It is currently being run for the benefit of millionaires and billionaires (like Trump) and for the benefit of the large corporations.

BTW, American capitalism is not worth saving!

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