Monday, December 21, 2015

Popular Party loses governing majority in Spain. Socialistas and Podemos could form a governing coalition.

Major Spanish newspaper ABC is reporting that the right-wing Popular Party (PP) appears to have lost their governing majority in Spain's Parliament.

Here are the preliminary results for Las Cortes, Spain's Parliament.

PP: 123 seats.
PSOE: 90 seats. (Partido Socialista Obrero España)
Podemos: 69 seats.
Ciudadanos: 40.
Other five minor parties: 28.

Or, the PP could attempt a coalition with Ciudadanos.

An absolute majority is 176 seats.



Podemos: Spain anti-austerity party banging on doors of power


Pablo Iglesias (Podemos): "Ni por activa ni por pasiva permitirá que gobierne Mariano Rajoy."

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