Thursday, January 21, 2016

Marco Rubio is doomed! He will not be the GOP nominee to be POTUS!

"He [Marco Rubio] attacked Obama's move to normalize relations with Cuba, saying the U.S. made "major concessions" and Cuba changed "nothing" in how they behave in return, including harboring fugitives, collaborating with U.S. enemies and oppressing its citizens." (CNN)

JG: Why does Marco Rubio think or believes that Americans would put in the White House a Cuban-American FASCIST? Rubio is a nut,  just like Trump  and Cruz! Marco Rubio lives in a Mickey Mouse dream world.


Davidow said...

Frankly, I don't want to overlook it, Donald Trump is the only high-ranking GOP candidate who backs Obama's Cuba policy (see Whether this position will help him win the vote of Cuban American Republicans (unless Trump does not see Florida as a state he needs to win this year) remains to be seen. Basically, even if the extreme left acknowledges Trump's agreement with Obama on Cuba, it will still stop at nothing to denounce Trump as a neo-fascist for his anti-immigrant stance and his advocacy of the use of carpet-bombing to bomb "the hell out of ISIS".

Cuba Journal said...

I respectfully disagree. Trump is all about his ego trip.