Friday, February 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton plans to align herself with the genocidal Israeli Zionist Jews if elected

The danger of a horrible new WWIII in the Middle East is very likely.

And in addition, she will stuff her pockets with even more $$$$$ from the genocidal Israel Zionist Jews.

Here is what Glenn Greenwald, writing for The Intercept reported yesterday:

Hillary Clinton, With Little Notice, Vows to Embrace an Extremist Agenda on Israel

Former President Bill Clinton on Monday met in secret (no press allowed) with roughly 100 leaders of South Florida’s Jewish community, and, as the Times of Israel reports, “He vowed that, if elected, Hillary Clinton would make it one of her top priorities to strengthen the U.S.-Israel alliance.” 

He also “stressed the close bond that he and his wife have with the State of Israel.”

She vowed to strengthen relations not only with Israel, but also with its extremist prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

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