Saturday, February 06, 2016

Marco Rubio forgets that his parents were economic migrants from Cuba in 1956, before the Cuban Revolution was triumphant

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump and his Seven Dwarfs now give hate speeches against immigrants.

They know very little about the United States. Millions of poor immigrants have been welcomed to our shores by the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France. They came looking for a better life.

The Plymouth Rock "pilgrims" were the first illegal migrants. They had not been invited to come and had no "papers." They then proceeded to steal the lands which belonged to the Native Americans.

And then came the Irish, the Chinese, the Germans, the Italians and black slaves from Africa and many, many others.

Does Rubio and El Donald know this? Of course they know it. But the problem is that Rubio and El Donald are total idiots and demagogues par excellence.

We are a nation of immigrants.

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