Friday, February 26, 2016

Michel Moore's new film 'Where to Invade Next' is his best work ever

It is brilliant, funny and dangerous. A masterpiece!

He is bringing back ideas from Italy, Slovenia, Tunisia, Iceland, Germany, France, Portugal and other countries which are based on the common sense accomplishments of Peace, Love and Happiness.

'People Helping People' is the only way for the USA to again earn respect throughout the world. A big pile of $100 dollar bills placed on a table can not accomplish anything by itself. Only the Working Class with its labor gives true meaning to life. We are the only creators of wealth.

A country which dropped thousands of tons of Napalm on the people of Vietnam can never be considered a 'great country.'

A nation that spreads death and destruction using evil Darth Vader drones to assassinate people can never be considered a 'great nation.'

USA capitalists have not won a single war since 1948. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are not victories.

The very important fact that the USA has been repudiated and condemned by 193 countries at the General Assembly of the United Nations is clear and convincing proof that the people throughout the world no longer have any faith on the 'once great' United States of America.

We The People can turn the USA around on November 8, 2016. Together we can do it!

The People United Will Never Be Defeated is not a cliché. It is REALITY.

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