Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why Elizabeth Warren would be the best nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy

From the New York Times:

[Barack Obama] could opt for the dream candidate of the left: Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Some Democrats believe that the nomination of Ms. Warren, a deeply admired voice in the party on economic inequality, could be a unifying move after what is turning out to be a bruising battle between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders. Such a nomination could be a balm for liberals and young people if Mr. Sanders loses the nomination, given that he and Ms. Warren are strong critics of corporate malfeasance and public corruption. While Ms. Warren is a Harvard Law School professor, she may be reluctant to put herself through a nasty confirmation battle, and it is not clear that Mr. Obama holds her in high regard: He did, after all, pass up the chance to nominate her to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Still, the selection of such a strong progressive voice would energize Democratic and Republican voters because of the possibility of a five-member liberal majority on the Supreme Court.

JG: Elizabeth Warren is the best qualified. If passed over by Obama she will once be the best President of the United States. She truly represents the people and not the millionaire capitalist ruling class.

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